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February 10th, 2010, 03:29 PM
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Getting a siggy made for you at Justmommies is a privilege. Our siggy makers all have families and responsibilities away from the siggy board and give generously of their time and talent to our members. Making a siggy takes anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Please keep in mind that our time is valuable to us and a simple “thank you” is usually our only reward. When you get a siggy made, please be sure to post in the pick up thread acknowledging the makers’ efforts and thank them for their time.


1. All requests on the main forum are FFA – FFA (Free for All) are requests that any maker can fill and are considered “AS-IS”. We will be happy to fix spelling or date errors, but there should be no requests for reworks or photo changes. Please keep in mind that not all requests will get multiple siggies made. This depends on maker availability and the current request load.

2. Limits. Please do not request another siggy until 14 days after you received your last siggy. Please do not request an FFA and PM or request from a specific maker at the same time. We have to limit requests so that all requests get filled in a timely manner. Any duplicate requests will be deleted. We do not have a limit on board/host award requests, but bear in mind that if you are a host and request board awards more than once every 14 days, general requests will probably take priority.

3. Do not bump your request. Makers try to work on the oldest requests first and generally look for requests that have no replies to them. Bumping your request will likely get you skipped over entirely.

4. New Member Requests. You may not request a siggy until you have 50 posts on Justmommies. Any posts that are made to simply boost your post count will not count towards your 50 posts. We expect members to be participating in Justmommies community prior to requesting a siggy. New members are limited to 1 siggy request per 30 day period until you have reached Super Mommy status (500 posts). If you have been a member less than 30 days, Makers may put a watermark on your siggy.

5. Host your own siggy. Please host your siggy on your own photo hosting account. Do NOT take the code from the webpage source unless you are given specific permission to do so. That is bandwidth stealing.

6. Specific Siggy Maker Requests. If you would like a specific siggy maker to make your siggy please find their request thread in the Request a Specific Siggy Maker subforum. If there is a maker that doesn't have a request thread, make a post on the main board with that members name, ex. Siggy Request for <member name>. Please only post requests for specific makers in the forum.

7. Print Graphics. Siggies are made as a courtesy to Justmommies' members. Graphics to be used outside of Justmommies are beyond the scope of this board and should not be requested. This includes photo editing, invitations, etc. Any request of this nature will be removed.

8. Privacy/Internet Safety. Most siggy makers on Justmommies maintain a siggy gallery and participate in other challenges on the siggy board. If you do not want your siggy included in the makers' gallery or reposted elsewhere on the siggy board, you must specify that in your request. Please be aware that makers must host finished siggies on photohosting sites such as Photobucket in order for us to post the graphic to you. Please do not include personal information such as last names in your siggy requests.

9. Playroom siggies/board banners. Playroom siggies and board banners take makers a long time and are very difficult to edit. Please DO NOT request FFAs of these type of siggies. Also, please do not request more than one maker to work on them, either on the board or by private message. These types of requests are too time consuming to have more than one maker working on them. Any playroom siggies or board banners that are requested as FFAs will be edited.

10.Requests for others Requests for anyone other than yourself will not be filled. We do not make siggies for gifts to others, even if they are members of JM. If someone on JM is interested in requesting a siggy, they can request themselves and we would be happy to fill it.

11. Be Nice. This is probably the most important rule. You are under no obligation to use a siggy, however, please keep in mind that if you habitually request siggies and do not use them, you may be blocked from requesting siggies from the siggy board for a period of 60 days. If we receive 3 or more complaints from siggy makers regarding abuse or rudeness, this would be considered abuse to the siggy board and would result in a block from requesting siggies from any siggy maker for a period of 60 days. Siggy makers make siggies in their spare time. If you are particular about what you want in a siggy your best choice is to look through the galleries and request from a specific maker.

12. No changes Please do not change any siggy that is made for you, requested or FFA...this includes but not limited to adding animations, changing the size or adding/subtracting words from the siggy. If you want any specific changes, PM the maker to ask to see if they are willing to do this for you...if you want something specific remember to be specific with what you want including wording and animations.

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