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February 10th, 2010, 03:43 PM
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In addition to our birth kit to be purchased online:

Birth kit
A large pot to boil water in. May be a crock pot
A small pan for vomiting
A bowl for the placenta, may be a large pot, ceramic bowl or disposable foil pan, lasagna size

For umbilical cord
Bottle of rubbing alcohol
Q-tips & cotton balls

Peroxide for stain removal
3 large garbage bags- black or brown only - Not white or clear
2 large (gallon size) zip-lock bags
1 roll Bounty paper towels Premium brand, soft and harmless
Toilet paper
An edible vegetable oil

6 receiving blankets
Baby clothes and a blanket (undershirts, kimonos, stretchies, socks, etc.)
…your baby cannot wear only a t-shirt
Un-Petroleum jelly (from the health food store)
12 clean wash cloths (can be old or a package of new ones from Target for $ 3.99)
Clean towels and extra set of clean sheets
Maternity size pads e.g. Modess brand from a drug store or overnights No wings
Baby bath - small tub, sink or bath tub will do... Baby needs to float in water.

Laundry basket, plastic or wicker
Film & camera
Flashlight w/new batteries. Must have.
Food you will eat
Bottles of water
Drinks you will drink (herb tea, juice, Recharge or Third Wind, ginger ale) and broth or miso broth
Arnica 30c, Ibuprofen
Postpartum care plan

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