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February 11th, 2010, 09:33 PM
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I'm reeeeeally hoping that MIL will help me clean when it gets close to time. And we still are on the fence about going to the birth center or staying home. We live with MIL and keep our "part" of the house (the finished basement apartment) pretty clean... as clean as I can with Little Tornado (Jonah) running around, anyway! Sometimes there are dishes that I have waiting to be taken up the stairs to the dishwasher (we only have a very small sink) but for the most part it is clean.

The upstairs however is often a disaster. MIL is very preoccupied with some things. I won't get into it, other than her priorities don't seem to be with her family right now. Christmas decorations are still up, and she won't let me take them down because she says she's too particular about them. I'm embarrassed to have my playgroup over next week! The house is huge, so I'm really concerned about whether or not I'll be able to keep it clean without her help. And I know I won't be comfortable in a messy house when the time comes to give birth. I get too frustrated with the messes around here. This is one of the biggest reasons we are leaning towards going to the center- I won't have to worry about cleaning

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