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May 22nd, 2006, 04:31 PM
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You are a very good SM first of all, to do that for your DSD.

I wouldn't mind at all if DS's stepmom had him on her insurance. Since TJ was born he has been on Medicaid and a few months back was taken off due to my income (I made too much at the time). I just got put on PT about 1 1/2 months ago so I can reapply for him.
I asked my XH if he had insurance and if so could he put TJ on his so that I don't have to put him back on Medicaid (my job doesn't provide insurance). Of course he didn't...he was working construction at the time and didn't even have any for himself. He actually had the nerve to ask if DF could put TJ on his insurance . DF checked on it before XH asked, and it would have costed $600 to add him to his. Which once we get married he will put TJ on his insurance, It won't cost as much cus the insurance company will consider TJ one of DF's dependants then.

Your bio mom is nuts like everyone else says. That is just down right petty of her to complain about that. She obviously has issues that she can't let go of, maybe jealousy of some sort who knows.

As forthe not telling you when DSD gets hurt. If my XH did that when TJ was with him I would be up at the lawyers office first thing to see what kind of recourse could be taken. That is DH's daughter, what if she was hurt worse than that, her dad should be there.
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