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February 13th, 2010, 08:03 PM
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My niece enjoyed them (I did D, E, F with her) when she was doing ABeka 1st grade at age 6, but personally I prefer them for the 4-5 yr old range (sort of a pre-k/k level type thing). Bible Stories to Read/Color definitely would be fine for sure, if you're looking for a really nice quality colouring book and story book, but I almost definitely wouldn't bother with A or C, and possibly D considering the level he's working at.

E, F, and G are more along the lines of a late K/early 1st grade level, which would go a lot better with what it sounds like he is already familiar with. One of the things that I find with the later books is that they really require following instructions and paying attention to get it right... and some critical thinking and logic/reasoning, which is the reason I suggested them for my niece, who doesn't bother listen, think, or sometimes seemingly even look at anything or pay attention to instructions, and they were GREAT for making her have to take her time and... "DO IT CAREFULLY" to borrow the book's title! LOL. The later books (D, E, F, G) branch out more than the earlier few books do, and cover more than just the motor skills/colours/numbers/letters type stuff.

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