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February 15th, 2010, 12:58 PM
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Thats great about the name!!! Im so glad her birthday party went well. Thats so awesome!
Oh wow, we woke up at 4:30 this morning for Kalli's surgery to SNOW and ICE on the ground and roads. We had to drive very slow to get to the hospital for her Surgery, which was supposed to begin at 6:30 but didnt till around 7:45, finally aorund 9:15 or so, we were able to leave and get some breakfast!
its suppose to snow more tonight too, and I have my glucose test in the morning.

Oh my gosh, I have to take a few pictures but the clothes I was telling you about.. SO MUCH! Its mainly just 0-12 months with a few extras thrown in, including some crib sheets and changing table covers and TONS of shoes, that look as if they have NEVER been worn (Including some Nike's)..
Lots of Summer clothes for when she turns 1 and its all in GIRL colors (pinks mainly) and a few greens thrown in but all really girly and tons of hairbows..
There was SO MUCH stuff, that I left it sitting on the floor in about 30 piles, for my dh to help me put away. Some came with Hangers but goodness...There was at least 1000 peices. After looking through it all, my dh says that his friends must have spend at least $3-4000 on those clothes for their little girl...So we got them at a great deal. Plus, in their garage, they were getting all the rest of the stuff ready for a big "kids market" (sale here in town twice a year) and there was about a million things things hanging up and in baskets on the floor.. There is NO TELLING how much money they spend on their kids...for clothing.. I felt bad, I told dh..that the new baby now has more clothes and our other two have EVER had..LOL. so he said we'd have to go out and get them some more clothes now..LOL..

Ok enough about that. Ineed to start organizing, I can't beleive all the stuff im going to have to wash.

OH...Since its been so long, Ihave no idea,...ifim supposed to do this though, SHould I was she Swing covers and bouncy seat covers/stroller/carseat stuff..etc.... Most of its brand new, but the bouncy seat and swing were given to us, when it was only 6 months old because our friends baby never used it but about 3x...
I know Im supposed to wash all the clothes and stuff though.. Trying to figure out if Im going to go the "Dreft" route, or the ALL free and

I happily Breastfed Alba for 5 1/2 months!!!!

Below is my weightloss ticker. This is not for the pregnancy weight to come off as it has pretty much all came off. The rest of it is just what I've been wanting to loose for a while now to get back to my healthier weight!

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