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May 22nd, 2006, 10:40 PM
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When I married dh I not only said vows to him but I also said vows to his children and gave them both rings also. They are part of him so matter what they are now a part of me. I do however have to admit my ss thinks I am the sm from hell. But that has a lot to do with everything he is told about me and his father. When he gets older I hope he will realize what his bm did to him. And we can be a family again. His sd is such a terrific kid that she realizes what her mom is saying is not true. She has even asked me if I like her mom. Wow how do you answer that one!! I told her I might not agree with everything her mom has done but since Katie would not be a part of my life without her mom I have to like her.

The BM is crazy but I can't say that maybe I wouldn't be to if someone else was becoming a important part of my childrens lives I can only hope I wouldn't hurt my child the way she has.
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