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February 15th, 2010, 06:06 PM
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I am currently working on a project for a school project to potentially develop a new product for a large retailer. We are working to develop a product that works either across different departments in a large retail store or as pairings of items within the same department store.

I would greatly appreciate any answers to these questions to help with this project!

1. How often do you shop at Target?
2. Why do you shop at Target? Convenience, Price point, etc?
3. What motivates you to buy things at Target?
4. How does Target compare to other similar retailers? (Aesthetically, Assortments, Product Quality, Clothing lines?)
5. What departments do you usually shop at?
6. What do you usually buy at Target? Home essential, Apparel, Grocery?
7. Who do you usually buy for? What age? Gender?
8. What do you like or dislike about Targetís softlines?
9. Are there certain brands you prefer when shopping at Target?
10. What do you consider when deciding to make a purchase at Target? Price of the good, Quality, etc.
11. What activities interest you in Spring/Summer and how does this affect your family purchases?
12. Are there items you purchase in the Spring/Summer at Target that you donít purchase other times of the year?
13. What types of new assortments would you like to see at Target? (IN SPRING)
14. Who in the family decided what activities or purchases are made at Target?
15. When you think of spring, what do you think of?
16. What colors do you associate Spring/Summer with?
17. What holidays/events do you look forward to in S/S?
18. Do you like to stay in more during S/S or get out and travel?
19. What is the ideal family vacation? Why?
20. How old are you?
21. How many kids do you have?
22. What age and gender are your kids?

feel free to copy and paste in your response or just answer by numbers.

Thank you!
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