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February 15th, 2010, 07:14 PM
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Name: Heather
Location: Canada
Age: 23

I have bulimia
I have struggled with eating my whole life. As a child I was overweight, and all through jr high, high school, and my first years of university I would skip meals and eat/binge in secret ( which I now realize was ed behavior). after leaving school my eating slowly progressed to restricting and I got more and more restrictive and eventually my body took over and I was bingeing which lead to purging, then that progressed and eventually I was purging everything I ate.

I am currently in a recovery program, this is my 17th week
I am in full time treatment 3 days a week, which consists of supervised group meals, a nutrition group, skills groups, and group psychotherapy.
We make weekly goals around eating and other behaviours, practice preparing meals, and our skill groups are on assertiveness, body image, and mindfulness
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