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February 15th, 2010, 09:47 PM
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I'm new here to Justmommies and decided to drop by Southern Mommies since I'm from the south and all... *

My name is Robin, my birthday is November 8, 1980 (so I'm 29 right now), and I'm from SE Texas. * (Where hurricanes like to come and beat us up, LOL~!!)

I have no children of my own, though I am expecting my first one in late September. My SO has two children who live with us (Athena, 6 and Ethan 4). The new one was a surprise as we were not trying to conceive and I was on BC...and it happened rather quickly after we got together. We are happy, though and looking forward to bringing him or her into the world.

I love's one of my number one passions. My favourite genres are gothic, symphonic metal/rock, and anything really that's different and not mainstream. * Other interests are drawing, reading, writing, and spending time with my angel...and my kitties~!! I adore my kitties and couldn't imagine not having them. I'm a kitty-holic, LOL~!! (I have three sweet little kitties of my own & two little dwarf bunnies, too.)

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