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February 15th, 2010, 10:43 PM
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I had my appointment today!

Everything looks good. My BP is my very normal 104/77 (That's what it is almost every time I take it unless something is going on) last time it was pretty low for me, but it seems to have leveled off and I feel SO much better- I can really tell that it's back to normal. No more dizziness etc

Evie was in a weird position, so couldn't hear the actual HB to get a good rate, but we could hear the cord and the placenta, and she said that it sounded normal. Since my belly was "dancing" from all of her kung fu moves, we aren't too worried about her

I was so proud, I told the midwife how I thought she was laying- where her body parts are and everything, and my midwife poked around for a bit and said she absolutely agrees. I know that sounds stupid and little, but it made me feel so in tuned to what baby Eve is doing in there. It gave me a bit of confidence, as small as it seems LOL I'm goofy.

One thing that was concerning to me is that my fundal height was only 23, and I'm nearly 26 weeks. Midwife looked a little concerned, but she said it's just something to keep an eye on for next visit, that usually around 2cm either direction can be normal.

Other than that, everything is perfect!

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