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February 15th, 2010, 10:53 PM
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DH doesn't go to my midwife appointments. He went to the second one, when we got to hear the heartbeat the first time, and he went to the ultrasound of course, but other than that he can't really take the time off work. That sounds terrible, but he is really swamped during the weekdays. She makes later appointments, but the weather here has been terrible- I don't want to drive that far in the snow and ice, in the dark. And the weather always seems to get worse at night too. Take today. I went to the appointment, and then a couple hours later we got dumped on. There's no way we could have made it if we waited for DH to get off work.

Well, the midwife is always disappointed that he doesn't come. She's always asking me why he doesn't come etc. He would have to take an entire day off work, for a half hour appointment- literally just go in the door, take my BP, listen for the heartbeat, and a "see ya next month." He goes to the community events there, though, so she sees him and has gotten to know him, and he is getting familiar with the surroundings.

I guess I am just surprised that she's kind of making a big deal about him not coming to the appointments. She's really pressing the issue, and what am I supposed to say over and over again, just that he has work. Without him working, we can't pay for her! Or he'd have to work on the weekends and miss time with his son.

Does any one else's husband not go to all the visits? How does your midwife feel about it?

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