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February 17th, 2010, 05:44 AM
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Thank you all for the warm welcome to the JM TTC journal threads! That is why I love JM, because everyone is there to be supportive and encouraging!

Originally Posted by imoyaN View Post
Hello welcome to this J.M. board Have you been on the regular TTC board before? I am praying for twins as well(girl and a boy)
I joined JM after the ectopic and when I conceived my last baby- I was in the Nov DDC of 2008. I was rather active at first (especially in those early weeks when I was waiting for U/S confirmation of a safe and healthy PG), but with being a teacher I was too busy to come on the board all the time as the PG progressed. I just recently came back on in the middle of my TTC cycle 1 (last month) and joined the TTC board and the Ectopic Survivor Social Group. Long story short, I'm glad to be back!

I woke up this morning "feeling PG" which is crazy as I am only on CD 7! It is crazy how your mind plays tricks on you when you are TTC. Even with getting my BFNs last cycle and AF arriving, I still have held on to this bizarre notion that maybe just maybe, I'll get a BFP this cycle and go in for my 5 week U/S (which is customary after and ectopic) and find that I am actually 9 weeks along! Believe me, I know how crazy that sounds.

I've been obsessing over my old TTC charts from the last go round from 2007-2008 and trying to identify clues of PG in comparing all of those when I was not to the final one where I was with baby boy. I wish I had charted last month, that was so naive and stupid of me to think that it would happen first round like it did with baby 1, 2, and my double ectopic! I sure hope this is my cycle- as a teacher, maternity leave would be great at the holidays to be home with the family. There is something very peaceful about having a new baby in the home at the holidays...very special.

DH and I still plan to BD every day- so far so good...I'm sure he will wear out though with working full-time and going to school full-time (student-teaching all day and working all night).

Dreams of Baby Dust are on my mind,

Thank You Helen for my beautiful Siggy!

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