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February 17th, 2010, 07:51 AM
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I hope you all don't mind my posting. I sometimes wonder if I should turn the siggy off so I don't upset anyone

My quick story of it:

Tried for 18 cycles, with some cancelled IUI cycles, wasted money, heartache, and cysts. Never gave up trying, though!

Got my bfp at 13 dpo after getting negative at 10 dpo (didn't test in the middle there). I had 2 (maybe 3, couldn't see the L ovary) mature follies. My RE kept wanting to cancel because my E2 levels were high from day 1, but I was sick of cancelling due to high E2 levels, when I was reading other RE's would keep going if there were no cysts, so that's what I decided to do. Maybe I KNEW it would be the one!

Never had a symptom, so that is why I gasped when I saw the bfp. I wasn't expecting it at all! I even had slight cramping and EWCM, both lead to AF for me.

I'm 10 w along now and my symptoms are: slightly full boobs (but I think it's because they never really shrunk from dD, so there's plenty of room in there and thus they are not sore or super full); a bit queasy (not much, ever, but this morning is worse than usual) and VERY tired.

That's it! I never would have guessed I was pregnant and I still can't believe it!
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