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February 17th, 2010, 09:52 AM
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When I saw my BFP I tested 8 dpo and then 9dpo and got bfn on a digi then that night (9dpo) because i was obsessed I poas same one and hubby went you want it to say no so we know the triggers out right I looked at him with total discuss lol and said NO i want it to say YES and sure as crap like 3 seconds after i said the word yes He started jumping up and down like we won the super bowl yelling yessss.. (it was a first response digital love those test lol)

I had 3 m/c it was almost 2 years of trying I think To be honest I kinda forgot all about the time and how long it took because we are finally here.. But I remember it feeling like 10 years and heartbreaking every month... And thinking it will never happen..I cried every month and watch everyone getting pregnant in my real life it was really hard... it was strange i followed the women on heres journey and was excited every time someone got pregnant.. I guess when you know someone has struggled and had the same pain as you its a different feeling when you hear they are pregnant!

My first symptom... Hmmm I think I got indigestion one night about 2 weeks ago.. That is about it.. so first symptom would be 29 weeks

Now the only thing I have is bad swelling everything else is fine.. ( and a minor cold)

wow i wrote a friggin novel sorry about that
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