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February 17th, 2010, 10:10 AM
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After 27 months of TTC and 6 IUIs, we did IVF this past October/November. DH's numbers were always great, and the only thing they could find with me was hostile cervical mucus and a lining that was always on the thin side. I actually never got a BFN during the IVF cycle...I did booster triggers of HCG and the tests just stayed positive.

I went for my beta at 14dpr and it was only 11.8. I was told that things didn't look good, but to wait for the second draw. My 16dpr beta was 12.4, so my RE told me to quit doing the progesterone injections and let my body take care of things naturally. I did not have a viable pregnancy; I was crushed.

At 20dpr I went back in for more bloodwork to confirm that my numbers were dropping, and to everyone's surprise, the HCG went up to 95! My RE called me a "medical mystery" and told me that I still had a <5% chance of a healthy pregnancy. My 22dpr beta was 286, and the numbers just kept going up. We call this little one "Pokey" since he or she took their time, but after a really scary first few weeks, everything has been going wonderfully. My "big" ultrasound is on March 15!

My first real symptom was sore breasts...they hurt from the progesterone, but just kept getting worse...and bigger! I was also really tired, but only felt queasy a few times. Physically, I have had an easy pregnancy so far...the IVF cycle was much more difficult than being pregnant!

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