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February 19th, 2010, 01:19 PM
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So, that cyst I have left over... well, it's not active (i.e. not producing progesterone), but my RE is still refusing to go ahead with another cycle because he doesn't want to get confused when monitoring me - he said that if he saw a 18mm follicle, he wouldnt know if it was a follicle ready to trigger or the cyst on its way down. His reasoning makes sense, but I'm so pissed of with how conservative he is! He had me trigger with only 1 mature follicle because he was afraid that if we waited, I'd have 4 mature follicles (despite the fact that the American literature suggests 4 follicles for IUI). Now he wants to lower my dose for next time... whereas I wanted to INCREASE it. If he's afraid of triggering if he sees an 18mm "thing", and he's afraid it's the inactive cyst, then why not just trigger when there are 3 "things" that way we know at least 2 of them are follicles?

I guess the cruelest part of this is that for the next 28 days I'll be on BIRTH CONTROL, and then we'll check back in a month to see if the cyst went away. It just feels like a cruel joke, putting someone who's dying to get pregnant on birth control. Seriously - I think that's hurting more than anything. I'm just so sad... no baby, not a chance at even trying this month, and now I get to be on birth control too. My RE back in Chicago was so much more aggressive, and sometimes I wish I could just go back there for the next few months until we get pg again. I had cysts the last time, and that RE went ahead and did another IUI - and that was the cycle I got pg with my son. In comparison, I feel like this RE is doing nothing. I HATE doing nothing, and I hate waiting... I'd rather cycle and get another BFN than do nothing at all.

OK, well thanks for listening to me vent. I'm just so upset with how today has turned out, I'm not sure what to do, other than pour my feelings out here.
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