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February 19th, 2010, 03:05 PM
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I'm assuming this would be a good place to put it...
This is simply the symptoms and signs that occured from AF until I got my BFP. I know I absolutely loved reading and obsessing over other people's symptoms, so on behalf of science/humanity I would like to post this tmi chart - lol

~ Last AF started February 22th
~ March 6th - thick, stringy, very stretchy and elastic cm (not fertile yet)
~ March 7th - Streaky (partly clear, partly cloudy) cm
- slight lower stomach cramping
~ March 8th - increase in cm today, streaky white and clear mixed again, pretty sticky.
- Almost nauseous feeling in the afternoon
~ March 9th - watered down milky colored cm, still streaky looking, stringy and elastic.
- Slightly crampy today too.
~ March 10th - O-day, I believe. Abundant cm today - thin, stretchy, very sticky, wet, elastic - watered down milky look with streaks of white mixed in. Some of it's EWCM.
- Feeling bloated today
- Lower stomach crampiness in the evening
- Tired
~ March 11th - Less cm visible, pale yellow, somewhat sticky but prefers to maintain it's shape.
- tired
~ March 12th (2 dpo) - Not much cm - what is visible is lotion-like, pasty and a cloudy white
~ March 13th (3 dpo) - Mostly dry again
- Slight 'nauseous' feeling at times...
- tired
- bloated
~ March 14th (4 dpo) - Pretty dry
~ March 15th - (5 dpo) Some cm, lotion-like, pasty and pale yellow
- Feeling almost nauseous again today
~ March 16th (6 dpo) - Pretty dry
- Tired
- Bloated
~ March 17th (7 dpo) - Pretty dry again
- got up at night to use the bathroom...
- tired
- Faint twinges in uterus area when I stand up suddenly
~ March 18th (8 dpo) - Slight cm - cloudy yellow
- grumpy
- got up at night to use the restroom
- bloated
- tired
~ March 19th (9 dpo) - Pretty dry
- cranky again - lol
- Had to get up in the middle of the night again for a run to the
- Took an Answer test and got a very visible dent where the positive line
would show up!
~ March 20th (10 dpo) - Some pale yellow cm, stringy
- constipated
- tired
- got up at 3Am to use the bathroom!
- bloated
~ March 21st (11 dpo) - Took another test (answer) got a definite positive - two pink lines!

~ July 20th - Ultrasound shows it's a GIRL!!

~ November 30th, 2010 ~ Our precious baby girl ~ Melodie Rain ~ has arrived at 12:14pm, weighing 8lbs 2 ounces and 20.5 inches long <3

Hope this helps and inspires somebody out there!

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