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February 21st, 2010, 02:06 AM
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Hi, everyone! I need your advice. We've been TTC for a few months now, though I haven't been particularly good about charting or anything. AF is over a week late, which is pretty unusual for me, but I took a test last night and it came out negative. I'm not particularly surprised, since things have been pretty stressful (going through layoffs at work - not sure if it will affect me or my husband, as we work at the same place - should find out this week). I want to start using an OPK, but I don't want to waste the strips (those suckers are expensive!). So, assuming that I don't get AF this week, when should I be expecting ovulation to occur? Should I start counting from the day I would've expected AF?

Part of me thinks I should just stop worrying about it all for right now (we have enough to worry about right now!), but I ain't gettin' any younger! Any advice? I appreciate your feedback!

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