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February 21st, 2010, 07:14 AM
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Hi there and welcome to the board!

Stress can really delay ovulation so it could be that you haven't ovulated yet or you Oed a lot later than you were expecting. I would keep looking for fertile signs in case you are going to O such as stretchy CM or watery CM, O pains or spotting and anything else you usually get around O time. Also, I would take another pregnancy test in a few days in case you Oed late and your BFP is coming late too.

I would wait until AF arrives before you start using OPKs since you are not sure whether you have Oed yet this cycle or not. You can't expect to O 2 weeks after you would have expected AF because you are still on the same cycle until either the witch or a BFP arrives

I hope you will stick around - this is a really helpful board and I am sure you'll feel at home

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