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February 21st, 2010, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Jess is Write View Post
That means you're pro-choice. For me, the deciding factor is what you vote on a ballot. From what you just said, I would guess that you would vote against the government placing any limitations on abortions because that would give the government power in deciding what's best for our reproductive health.

I'm pro-choice, but definitely pro-life for myself, and I'm the only person I feel comfortable making that decision for.
I would perhaps argue that you can be morally pro-life, and legally pro-choice. For instance, if you think abortion is morally wrong, but don't think the government should dictate morality, than I'd say you're both. I don't think the only deciding factor is what you'd vote on a ballet.. there's more to it than that, in my opinion.
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