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February 21st, 2010, 08:44 PM
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I bought a plastic bed protector like you buy for cribs, I kept it on the bed for awhile before incase i happened to have my water break in bed. We had about 6 hand towels and then maybe 4 large towels but I didn't have a water birth. I honestly don't know how many we used... I know she warmed them in the dryer for once the baby was born.

My favorite part of planning was staging my "birthing room" I made it very special to me by putting candles all around and covering up the regular room stuff. I decorated it will things that were important to me in relation to giving birth like pictures during the pregnancy and pictures of different stages in my DH and I's life toghether. I put up pretty tapastries that I thought I might like to focus my attention on. Once I had it all together I would go in and think about the birth. I created a little ritual kinda like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other celebratory holiday.

All the actual birth supply stuff was really straight forward for me and your midwife will probably have a list that will help out as well.

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