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February 22nd, 2010, 11:14 AM
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That is the craziest thing I've ever heard. It also made me wonder what happens when she gets her period. If she got pregnant she's obviously ovulating and everything. If there is no vaginal opening how is anything coming out that time of the month? Does that mean everything is all backed up inside of her?
I'm wondering the same... on page 3 of the article:
But some doctors are still suspicious of, or at least bewildered by the tale. The girl's birth defect is well known and by age 15, doctors say most girls would have been doubling over in pain with an abdomen filled with menstrual fluid that cannot escape.
The menstrual fluid of several periods would make it even more unlikely for a pregnancy to occur.

"She'd have pain all the time and would have a stomach full of blood all the time, and would have to be operated on, or she would eventually die," said Dr. Sherman J. Silber, director of the infertility center of Saint Louis at St. Luke's Hospital in Missouri.

Dr. Howard A. Zacur, a reproductive endocrinologist at Johns Hopkins, also had doubts. "The case report here suffers from the fact that an individual with a completely obstructed vaginal outlet would have been expected to have blood accumulation in the vagina, and/or uterus," he wrote in an e-mail.
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