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February 22nd, 2010, 08:13 PM
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I did. And I did transfer. Something like 98% of transfers are for non-emergency situations even though almost 100% of moms I talk to say they'd never transfer except in an emergency.

I needed my bag and was glad I had it, but next time it will be MUCH better packed, because now I know what I will need and want.

I kept telling my best friend to pack a good bag, pack a good bag. Did she listen? Nope. So when it was time for a transfer, her husband and I were scrambling to get some semblance of a bag together. If I hadn't been there and had some idea of what she would need she would have had basically nothing.

I transferred after 9 hours of pushing with no progress. Not an emergency yet, but was getting iffy by the time I got to the hospital. Even if that hadn't happened - I was a second away from having to transfer because my blood pressure, which has never been a problem in my life, spiked over the level for transport as soon as I entered labor. I ended up hospitalized for 4 days because of it and still have no explanation.

She transferred after 20 hours of labor when she was reverse dilating due to malposition and was having involuntary pushing. She had been stuck in transition for 9 hours and they tried EVERYTHING, including putting a hand in and attempting to turn the baby manually. (You don't even want to know how painful that is.)

I am really sorry. I don't want to offend anyone and please feel free to ignore me. But I think the idea that you'd only transfer in an emergency is really naive. Most transfers are necessary but are NOT emergencies. And let me say - especially if (god forbid!!) you end up with a cesarean - you will REALLY wish you had some of your creature comforts. And sending someone else to get them - well, my DH refused to leave my side and anyone else (and maybe not even him) would not have known where to find the things I wanted. You have no idea how distraught I was when my armpits were getting scratchy and I was dismayed to discover I has forgotten my razor! Sure, I got someone to bring me one the next day, but it drove me crazy all evening/night/morning.


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