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February 23rd, 2010, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Keskes View Post
I would perhaps argue that you can be morally pro-life, and legally pro-choice. For instance, if you think abortion is morally wrong, but don't think the government should dictate morality, than I'd say you're both. I don't think the only deciding factor is what you'd vote on a ballet.. there's more to it than that, in my opinion.
Voting is what's important, though. Sure, philosophically you can be pro-life and believe that abortion is wrong, but as long as you want women to be in control and making their own choices regarding their bodies, you're pro-choice. Pro-choice is nothing more than the acknowledgment that the government does not know best regarding our reproductive health and the right to our autonomy should not be taken from us. The pro-life movement tries to twist it around and make it seem like people who are pro-choice like abortions and they think are teh awesome, but in reality, being pro-choice has little to do with abortion.

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