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February 23rd, 2010, 03:50 PM
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Does anyone else hate it as much as I do? I HATE shopping for jeans at this size.

I have big thighs & any jeans that fit in the waist are too tight on my thighs... and if they fight my thighs, they're huge on my waist. I know, maybe I need a tailor... but who really wants to take jeans to a tailor?

I find one pair that fit perfect and literally wear them out!!

I hope that I can get back down into my 6s and 4s that are in my closet bc I don't wanna have to go jean shopping... I don't wanna.

What types of jeans do you girls wear?

My fav-e-o brand is Hydraulic... but I can only wear the wide/straight leg and they're hard to find. I love them though. I found some "Truce" jeans at JCPenneys that I really like but they're sagging off my butt. LOL I like low rise jeans, down on my hips, but seems like all of those cuts are also cut super skinny and I don't have skinny legs. So I have like 1 pair that fit me right now.
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