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February 23rd, 2010, 06:19 PM
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Originally Posted by LadyRogue View Post
El, I know mornings are generally crazy for me (and I hate getting up any earlier than absolutely necessary), but an idea for you would be BD in the morning. I've heard it's a more opportune time, higher fertility for the lil swimmers, etc. Just a thought. Very good luck catching that eggy! Get to BDin'!!
Hmmm...getting up at 5:30am would just about kill me I think! We do BD in the mornings on the weekend...but, of course that does nothing for me considering that my most fertile window is during the school week! With myself teaching an hour from home and DH working full-time at night and student-teaching right now- the time just isn't there! But, I think you are right on in that you have higher fertility in the that your method?


CD 13 (Whoo-hoo!)

I'm starting to get so excited about the possibilities of conceiving this cycle! I also love that fertility friend shows that I am "fertile" right now! I am still so aggravated that I did not take my BBT and chart last month- so naive to think that it would be the 1st round like in the past. Well, in all fairness we fell off of our mission of BDing everyday right after we "knew" I had ovulated. This month we are making an everyday valiant attempt! Charge! DH is at night class right now and I am getting sleepy (it's only just after 8pm- I'm such a wimp)...but, one must do what one must do - literally!

So, here I sit at cycle day 13- CM looks good, temps are looking as they should, we have not missed a BDing opportunity, no more swaying, pre-natals are still being taken, everything is in order. Maybe, just maybe a little baby will be on her way very soon!

Good Night,

Baby Dust to all...sticky bean vibes are on my mind for each and everyone of us.

Thank You Helen for my beautiful Siggy!
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