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February 24th, 2010, 07:13 AM
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Voting is what's important, though. Sure, philosophically you can be pro-life and believe that abortion is wrong, but as long as you want women to be in control and making their own choices regarding their bodies, you're pro-choice. Pro-choice is nothing more than the acknowledgment that the government does not know best regarding our reproductive health and the right to our autonomy should not be taken from us. The pro-life movement tries to twist it around and make it seem like people who are pro-choice like abortions and they think are teh awesome, but in reality, being pro-choice has little to do with abortion.
Ah.. here in lies the disagreement. To you, what you vote for is more important overall, but to me how I feel about it personally is more important. I would guess (I could be wrong, but I'm probably not) that government plays a bigger role in your life than it does in mine, and that religion plays a bigger part in my life than it does in yours. So it makes sense that you think what you vote is most important, and I think what you believe about it personally is the deciding factor on what to proclaim as your stance.

However, as for me, I wouldn't vote against illegalizing (that's not a word) abortion not because of the "my body my choice" stance but because of other reasons. I don't think it's the government's job to dictate morality, outside of keeping order in society. For instance, is the Bible was the only thing preventing people from committing murder, Society would be all kinds of unstable. Therefore, there should be a law. But abortion doesn't contribute much to the whole of society, in that if every woman had one abortion, order would not be completely lost. Therefore, it's not necessary to dictate that moral choice to the general population.

There are other more logistical reasons, but I think that's a different debate altogether anyways. I just wanted to touch on the main issue. I'm not against abortion being illegal because I think women should be able to control their own bodies under all circumstances.
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