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February 24th, 2010, 10:47 AM
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Hi! I'm Nicole, 23 bulimia/ana since the age of 12. Started recovery the day I noticed the 2nd line in '08, I was actually already bout 5 weeks along - we werent TTC.

When I found out that I was pregnant I was scared as heck. The first 2 months were the worse for me, but because the puking was not in my control. That was what bugged me the most - my body would do things on its own.
After the morning sickness faded in came the cravings! I thought I would loose it but I had support from a local friend who I went through recovery with, she had had her son a few months before. ANd then before all of a sudden I started to feel her move and kick and I didn't mind my body so much...I actually never felt so sexy before! But, after the 4th-ish month my doc started weighing me backwards, like Alethias.
It was after giving birth to Lynda were I struggled, Lynda grew fast so now I have strechmarks and loose skin, but I try to see it as a badge. CHeesey but it true.
After she wass born I did breastfeed so that kept me from goin back to bad habits. And after awhile I was back in control, I could think about somethin back I never act on it
Those were my same exact concerns...I do have a daughter, Lynda, who will soon be 16 months. And she is growing fast, she's 36 inches and 38 lbs, her father is 6'6-7' so I worry about her all the time. I just want her to love herself...

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