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February 24th, 2010, 01:16 PM
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Kary, You have struggled to get where you are, even if you get pg easier than some of us, I don't for one second think you take your pg for granted. I know how much you want this too. We all have our own issues and struggles and I just am getting so fed up. I wish I could be more happy for people IRL, but that isn't where I am at right now.

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Well I have to say I read it... and while I wanted to respond.. I didn't because I am pregnant.... BUT I can tell you... I could of wrote that post last month, the month before... and so on....... I wanted to post... I SO UNDERSTAND... I also didn't think it was that bad... it was a vent. Sometimes you just need to know what you are feeling is normal. And it is... and it is ok to feel that way. HUGS
you also don't have to hide your siggy

I hope what I wrote came out right Kary?? I think I need to stop typing today can't get my words right.