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February 25th, 2010, 09:13 AM
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I just wanted to introduce myself & share my story, it may be too long sorry about that

My name is D. I am 40 turning 41 in March. I finally met the love of my life 3 years ago and finally got married. and decided to take out my IUD .

We did not get pregnant. So after 3 years I figured it was not meant to be and id continue along my career path as we are both professional Athetes I grieved a lot and put the idea completely out of my mind. as I had decided if it did not happen naturally I just would not be a mommy.

Iv been able to compete with girls half my age and still have success so I put having a baby out of my mind completey & forged on with my career. and low and behold My husband and I don't see eachother for 3 weeks, have sex 1 day he leaves out of the country, I go on a well needed cruise/vaca with the girls just to come back and find out im Pregant.

I am now 5 1.2 or 6 weeks and am SO excited but really really nervous and scared, it came as a complete shock as we tried everyday for 3 years and nothing, I spent thousands on Home test, and this last time when I took it I wasn't expecting to see anything (for the first time in 3 years)

For me it really came true what they say about not trying and then it happening. I never beleived in that old wives tale until it happened to me.

Anway I am complete OCD and because of the drinks I had on vaca, the benzos for the plane ride and the pain meds I had taken for a injured neck was completly freaking out and have spent 5 miserable days on the web seeking answers trying to make sure I did not harm my baby.

I have been having weird pains in my right side (before) I knew and it is still painful underneacth my right rib cage and lower back at time. I went to ER they did a Vaginal ultrasound everything looked perfect even a little fetal pole but no heart beat. nothing in my kidneys or liver

2 days later I got sick and went back to the docs for light brown discharge, they said everything looks fine onyl still not heart beat.. I realzie its to soon, but I have another VUS for monday to see that heart beat, IM scared & nervous because my obg said if we do not see it then I could be in trouble, as for 5/12 6 weeks my baby is developing so their should be a heart beat. Also I have a bad cold so I have not been excersizing. I am wondering if my baby is not getting a heart beat because of my own body and lack of current excersize.

If anyone has any expierience with this id love to hear from you

Thank you for listening to my story

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