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February 25th, 2010, 12:04 PM
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Bella is now 13 months old and still has moderate body odor. It doesn't seem to be as bad in the winter as the warmer months. Largely bc she has a barrier of clothing between her armpits I think, vs wearing tank tops and dresses in summer. We have an appt the end of March at an endocronologist doctor who will I guess be running tests that my pediatrician did not run. The endo dr. still wanted to see Bella even after the blood work came back normal for estrogen levels and such. I guess they know exactly what to be looking for.

I actually used my deod. on her in the summer months when the bo was out of control. My pediatrician told me not to, but she wasn't walking around with a stinky baby didn't break her out so no harm done in my opinion...hehe

I will post the results of the dr. findings.
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