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March 1st, 2010, 08:51 AM
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I just wanted to pop over to write this and i hope it helps someone out

I got PPD with my first DD and i waited until she was 7 months before getting help, i now WISH i got help sooner because that was the first 7 months of her life wasted, i can't remember much of her newborn life i spent the time being down and crying and i did not enjoy her at all.

I didn't get the help because i thought if i admitted i had depression she would get taken away. That was far from the truth, i got put on anti depressants but nobody wanted to take my little girl away, they just wanted to help me, i went to counselling also and had someone come round to visit every few weeks to make sure i was coping ok.

I do not attend counselling any more (almost 2 years ago i stopped) and have been off my anti depressants for 7 months and i feel much better, i am more confident in myself also, i am glad i got the help when i did because i now enjoy my children and don't spend my days crying but spend them laughing and thats how it is meant to be.

If you feel down please speak to somebody, they will not take your children away.
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