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March 3rd, 2010, 09:02 PM
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That is nice that they do let you stay and have the baby there, if it happens that is. I desperately wish I could have Amber in Boise, but it is just isn't in the cards. I'd go there in a heartbeat, but it'd cost too much to deliver her there.

Yeah, we've moved (little moves mainly, only one big move right at the beginning of this pregnancy) several times since having kids. But now that Courtney's in school I'd really like to stop moving. But I'm torn there too, cuz I really want to go home.

When will you be TTC number 3?

I'd actually like to try for 6 in the end. That's always been my number. But since dh says he's done at 4, I'm not thinking about 5 really yet. I'm 25, I have time, I'll try to convince him when I'm ready, which just isn't now. I've done these two pregnancies very close together and the one before that wasn't THAT far apart, so I'm ready for a break from the puking and being tired and weight gain and all that goes with this!

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