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March 4th, 2010, 11:15 AM
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Oh man we have had a rough last 14 hours.
So, Tylee was kinda feverish and lethargic all day yesterday...nothing over 100.2 so I was just keeping an eye on her, but in the evening I noticed her soft spot was swollen/bulging pretty noticibly and her fever was on the rise. We went to the ER around 800pm and she had a fever of 102.8 The DRs first thought was Meningitis.

ok so this is how it went
1. Hooked her up to an IV ( dont get me started, guess they forgot to tell me my daughter was a pincushion. bruised up both arms and hands from them trying to find her little vein) and drew blood and started fluids. She went ape ****... why would she not from being stabbed a thousand times.

2. Needed urine so they cathed her. She screamed more.

3. Chest Xray. Really screamed with her back against the cold plates.

4. Everything came back negative.... needed more info

5. Spinal Tap. she screamed, I cried.looked like my 4month old was getting an epidural,lol.

6. Gave her aderol to calm her down then she was fine. Doped up baby girl.

7. Nasal swab to check for anything else. Sofltly cried but calmed down quickly...I think she was just DONE.

Everything came back negative for Meningitis, which was the main concern. so big relief there, however, her soft spot is still swollen... WHY!
let us go home around 130am.

Followed up with her ped. this morning swab came back negative for RSV and everything else. No infection in her blood from the surgery or anything else. not dehydrated. nothing. just a swollen head and a low grade fever.
Told us to keep an eye on her and wait it out as it is just a virus she picked up somewhere...and as long as she is getting progresivly better not worse or platauing, it will run its course.

My goodness I feel so bad for her. She is sleepy today, and super swollen ( from the IV i imagine) but in good spirits... smiled at the PED. the whole exam.

Will update later. Naptime Now

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