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March 4th, 2010, 06:20 PM
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I think it is important to work toward memorization of basic facts (so addition and subtraction facts to 18, multiplication and division through 12's). I had the hardest time with multiplication and division, and quite honestly, for whatever reason the memorization didn't really click until I was being a teacher's assistant for gr. 3/4, LOL! I sure think it would have been a good thing if I had known my facts well before that though. DH can calculate tons of things in his head because he knows his multiplication and division so thoroughly, and I sit here sometimes having to count things on my fingers. *sigh* Funny thing? I'm better in math generally than he is... so I think it is also important that concepts be understood (which is where the 'if they can count on their fingers they're fine' part comes in). I often end up explaining to him why things beyond basic facts work as they do, but he can do the calculations faster than I can. I guess we balance each other well, huh?

Anyway... until 3rd grade I'd be happy if my kid could show me how they got an answer in adding/subtracting, but I'd want them to have them memorized by 4th grade. Similarly, multiplication, except I'd want the memorization probably by 6th grade latest.
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