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March 4th, 2010, 08:08 PM
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I had always thought I'd wait two years between pregnancies/TTC for me as well, but then LJ changed all that.

I remember going through that panic with my 2nd child on the breastfeeding. I only breastfed Courtney for 12 months, she seemed to want to quit, so I did. I had planned to go for two years, but I wasn't going to keep trying if she didn't want to. But anyway, I had that same "What if I can't do it with Rock?" thing. I think even when you've had success there are just some fears. In fact in my case, especially when you've had success, I know how wonderful breastfeeding is (I'm still breastfeeding right now), so I'd be devastated if Amber didn't get it.

I don't have too much TTC experience. I was NTNP from the time I became sexually active til I got pregnant with Courtney. I truly wasn't thinking about it. That never has happened since. I was TTC Rock, but I only had one shot at it cuz dh was on his deployment then. And then with LJ it was a, oh, should have been more careful I guess, type thing. And this time I was NTNP, but not in the same way as Courtney. I knew NTNP probably meant I would get pregnant this time, before I had kids things were different.

I have a friend on another board who's trying to decide if she should go off the pill right now and start TTC or at least NTNP. She wants to know how to adjust to two, and she has friends who've told her you just do adjust, financially, physically, etc. I told her that was my experience as well. You feel some things, but mainly, it just happens, just like you adjust to being pregnant. I do know that the 2 weeks right after birth have been progressively worse for me. After number 1 I didn't feel like I was going through what other moms talk about with the sleepless nights, etc. I had a ton of help. After number 2 I felt it, but I was able to handle it. Number 3 though I remember driving to his 2 week doctor's appointment and feeling like I was going to cry cuz I didn't know how much longer I could go on that way. Literally that night he slept a little longer and it was at a time I slept too, and I felt better from that day on. I am not looking forward to those two weeks though

I have a friend who was due on the 18th of June actually (right behind us, but a few years ago years ago) in 2007 and she had never left her daughter with anyone at that point and she was really worried about how she'd do (she did fine, BTW). I on the other hand have left my kiddos with people before, like daily I leave them with dh cuz I go to work, so I don't have that fear. But it is good to be that bonded to Joshua, he will be fine, and so will you, but it is still a good thing to be that bonded.

Did you see the thread I posted yesterday about newborn pics? (On the main part of the DDC) I haven't checked back, but if you didn't, I'd love it if you went and posted some photos of Joshua as a newborn.


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