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March 4th, 2010, 08:14 PM
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Originally Posted by *Jillian* View Post
Lisa, you know most doctors just ask you questions to determine if you have anxiety? You tell them you are nervous, they ask you questions, and boom. You are diagnosed and prescribed one of the many mood stabilizing drugs that are on the market.
I agree that there are SOME doctors who make it really easy to get the meds. But, anyone who wants these meds should be going to a psychiatrist first, where they really can diagnose you properly.

Originally Posted by *Jillian* View Post
You're right, it is illegal for a reason and those reasons have ZERO to do with the effects it has on the body.

I didn't say driving while high was okay. Or getting high while taking care of children was okay. I said that some anti anxiety meds can have a similar effect on the body as marijuana. I have done both and it is pretty similar.
I didn't say you said driving while high was ok, that was just my opinion from the OP. I also have done both. And they do not do the same things to your brain. Even each anti-depressant acts on your brain in a slightly different way. That's why some meds work for some people, and not for others. And if you actually have real depression and/or anxiety, the meds won't make you feel "high" but will make you feel normal and able to function.

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