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March 5th, 2010, 12:20 AM
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According to the women on Tyra, they were doing it (except for the cancer patient and her child who had problems from a car accident) they were doing it just to mellow out.

WHY are drugs the thing they turn to? What if I said I popped a zanax (without being diagnosed with anything) just to mellow out?

People are under the assumption that because they smoke weed to calm down they must have an anxiety disorder. If that is the case, we ALL must have some type of anxiety disorder because we ALL need to mellow out with our kids once in a while. Drugs should NOT be the go-to to do this. Prescription medication should not be the go to to deal with this... this meaning - the daily troubles of being a parent.

If you have a legitimate reason for smoking pot (medical) or you have a legitimate reason for taking prescription medication for anxiety and/or the side effects just so happen to make you a less-stressful mother does NOT mean it is ok to do drugs FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of lessening the stress of being a parent.

Parenting is stressful. Period. Deal with it.
I don't know. I thought there were some great examples in this thread why maybe we should be a little more accepting of why a mom would smoke weed. Yeah, I know you're more referring to the women on the Tyra Banks show and trust me, I know a few people like that in real life.. The truth is most people don't have good coping tools. I don't use weed and I do look down on *some* people I know who do smoke it with kids but I do know some people I don't look down on who smoke with kids. I think we can't judge all the moms the same because it's so unique in each case.

I was recently at a comedy stand up show and the comedian was feeling out the crowd for weed jokes. Well in the bathroom, I over heard a woman saying that in Vancouver, that same comedian will give the best weed jokes because weed smoking is so much more accepted there. Truly I think that state to state, province to province, there is cultural differences on the topic of weed smoking and weed smoking with kids. I used to have zero tolerance for weed smoking too but I can't judge some of these posters the same as my abusive dad smoking weed. I think it's like drinking alcohol where some people can be more responsible with it than others. Unfortunately it's the irresponsible ones we base our feelings on.

My personal reasons for not smoking weed is more related to my past but the more and more moms I meet that do occasionally smoke it aren't bad moms, they are good moms and seem to have good boundaries with it. I think allopathic medicines can also be looked at the same. Sure there are some people who abuse them, but if they are serving a purpose with responsible moms, what's the harm? I firmly believe in alternative medicine and like it or not, weed is a great alternative medicine. (Hopefully one day I'll be able to embrace it with a more positive spirit.)
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