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March 5th, 2010, 12:37 PM
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I always update in the IVF subforum, but I figured I'd throw it out here too!

I had another u/s and b/w this morning. My RE had to be present during this u/s because (and no one told me this before), my right ovary is hidden a little bit behind my uterus. They needed him to see how things were progressing and get his opinion on whether or not he'd be able to get to the follies on that side during retrieval. Luckily, he is pretty confident he will.

After ordering 2 more 300iu Gonal-F pens (I've taken 300iu for the last 6 days), I'm told today that we need to slow things down and I am dropping to only 100iu of it tonight finally (so boo for expensive meds that may not be used). My E2 numbers went up.. a LOT, and I was told this wasn't a bad thing (I'm a worrier). I go in tomorrow morning for only bloodwork. I will continue my Cetrotide and we're hoping some smaller follies start to catch up.

My E2 today was 1,442.. My follie measurements:

1 have two 15's, one 13, four 12's, five 11's, two 10's, and 9 smaller ones... Praying that some of the smaller ones bump up while we're coasting with the lower Gonal-F...

Things should be getting close if those bigger ones bulk up a little and bring a few smaller ones with them!
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