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March 5th, 2010, 02:21 PM
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Let's're and your....their, there, and they're.....people that don't know the words a lot are TWO words, not one. There are others, but can't think right now. Basically I am of the opinion that the stupid internet has killed grammar. People just can't be bothered with spelling things out and using English properly. I have a few nieces on facebook and when they post messages you can't even tell what the heck they're saying it's so chopped up, misspelled, etc.

Oh and AIN'T is not a word! It amazes me how growing up the only people that really used that word were kind of uneducated know what I mean and now EVERYONE uses it...and not just to be funny. Oh and another that really irks the crap out of me...when people say 'I seen it..'. you saw it, you didn't seen it. Ok, I think I'm done. Seriously though, I am not above making an error every now and then, but geez people act like they didn't make it past the 2nd grade.
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