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March 5th, 2010, 05:08 PM
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Dh and I just basically threw out random names for the 3 girls. Each of them does have a family name as part of their name, but for the most part we just would say a a name and when we agreed on one it went on the very short list. However, with that being said, our son isn't so lucky. DH and I have disagreed on a boy's name since I was pregnant for the first time back in 2003. I told DH this is why we always had girls, since we could never agree. Now that we are having a boy.... well we don't see eye to eye. We both like two names, just disagree on what name should be first.

I told Dh the other day that we should just throw those names out and start fresh and think of a brand new name... then I started suggesting new names to him (which he has turned down). He told me last night that he will go with my original name because he won't ever like another name.

I'm not sure what we'll do at this point. I don't want him to be upset or not love the name we have chosen... but seriously if we haven't found a way to agree in the past 6 1/2 years, I don't see us agreeing now either. LOL

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