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March 5th, 2010, 09:55 PM
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Let's're and your....their, there, and they're.....people that don't know the words a lot are TWO words, not one. There are others, but can't think right now. Basically I am of the opinion that the stupid internet has killed grammar.
ugh!!!! I know!!! I swear spell check is dosen't catch too, to, two or their thy're, know...because it is all spelled correctly so when people use them in wrong text they think it is correct because it wasn't flagged. So our youth who rely on this technological world sometimes really are getting the sham!!!

I also hate 'these ones'
out here it is common to hear people making things walmart=walmarts; sonic=sonics

grrrrr....Another thing that gets me is the word tomorrow...soooooo many people I know (my little sister) spell it tomarrow. I even correct my sister and she STILL spells it with an 'A'.
Not that I am by any means perfect with with my grammar...but they are just my pet peeves. I am sure I do other peoples pet peeves

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