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March 6th, 2010, 09:23 AM
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I was never taught to memorise addition and subtraction facts - we were taught to memorise times tables. I learned addition with manipulatives first, so it was really easy, two marbles plus three marbles etc... at any rate if you do it enough you eventually know the answers, so memorisation comes naturally.
I am teaching my son more or less the same way, but he also uses alot of computer games like jumpstart, and we do maths facts on a trampoline too.
He has just turned five and has a the now answers basic addition facts without thinking and is starting on the subtraction, so I'm sure he will get there on his own. If he doesnt though, then we will learn all the subtraction facts before going on to multipication.
I do find that being able to add easily in my head is a great use in everyday life myself, like going to a shop and adding up purchases as i go, so i dont go over what i meant to spend, or so i notice errors quickly. I did find one xmas time that a garage we frequented had an error in their favor over 2/3 of the time, of course they quickly refunded the difference and a few times other custmers would look at their reciepts and ask for refunds too. My husband would just come home with less change then he was meant to though and we stopped shopping there.
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