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March 6th, 2010, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by BensMom View Post
When we do timed tests, it's not a pass or fail, and it's not a time limit. It's a "do this as fast as you can, and then look at the clock to see how long it took." It's a contest against yourself, and it's really fun. Actually, I do the timed tests sometimes, too. Kids like to see their parents make goofy mistakes when pushed to their limits.
Yes, seeing how long it takes you to do a certain number is for sure better than the Saxon Math prescribed timed test of seeing how many you can do in one minute (which I believe is later lowered to 45 seconds, as if they had mastered completing the sheet in one minute), since on their version it is obvious to my son just how few that is.

Either way it is a contest against yourself. My son's speed on the paper timed tests has not improved at all over the past... year? though his flashcard speed has. Seeing his time not get any better would be just as disheartening and no fun at all. Of course I don't give him the idea that he has failed at something; I think that is a natural feeling most people would have if they were unable to reach goals either prescribed by an outside source or self-prescribed.

The point is, if your child is no good at it one way, perhaps there is another way.

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