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March 7th, 2010, 02:03 PM
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Ok, bear with me....this might be kind of confusing.

My grandparents are both 89. They are in FABULOUS health, still travel all the time, are totally independant, etc.

Ok, so my mom is 62. Back when she was in college, my grandparents hosted a German exhange student. He was 15 when he came over and he stayed for the entire summer. My grandparents adored him and he became like a surrogate son for them. They always stayed in touch and eventually when he got married, he and his wife would come to the US every couple of years to visit his "American parents."

He and his wife had two girls, who are now 15 and 11. (He and his wife divorced about 5 years ago, and HE has been the primary custodial parent of the girls, as his wife moved about 3 hrs away.)

My grandparents love these girls and treat them as grandchildren.

My grandparents are extremely family-oriented, generous people. They have a place in the Carribbean and every Feb/March/April, they invite the WHOLE family down---kids, grandkids, neices/nephews, cousins, and our German friends. My grandparents pay for EVERYTHING from airline tix to renting extra condos to food to rental cars. It is the SWEETEST thing and it means so much to everyone..this has been going on for 25 years!

So the German friends are there for 2 weeks every year. Their spring break always falls before ours, so we usually overlap by a few days. It's always a nice visit.

So the girls and their dad got down their two days ago. My grandma called MY mom with some *interesting news.* The 15 yr old is PREGNANT. She is 4 months along (I think?) and her dad was so distraught/upset/shocked over the news that he couldn't bring himself to tell my grandparents over the phone. The week before the trip he told them he had something to tell them that would be easier in person. (My grandma immediately suspected his older daughter was pregnant, as last year, he was telling my grandma that she was dating a 19 yr old guy and he wasn't pleased about it.) grandma told my mom that yes, she IS pregnant, and as of thus far, she is NOT planning on keeping the baby. She is looking into adoption.

I haven't heard ANY more details, nor do I know anything about GErman law, or what the dad-to-be would say, if anything. So of course, knowing our situation, my grandma immediately told her that DH & I have been TTC for 2 plus years and are starting the adoption processs....and this girl (I don't feel comfortable using her name) said she would love to talk to us when we are down there next week!!!!!


I'm not holding my breath, that's for sure. A LOT could change in 5 months, this I know. I don't know what the dad's parents think, or what this girl's MOM thinks....who knows what kind of pressure she will get to keep the baby...maybe SHE will want to of her own accord.

But wow.

I am calling our social worker tomorrow and finding out how we would proceed. I know we still need to complete a homestudy regardless, sooo....
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