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March 7th, 2010, 05:47 PM
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I'm 25 weeks and have been under the care of an OBGYN... I'm from the UK so MWs are the norm over there, for pregnancy care... Well my OBGYN told me from the start he couldn't accommodate my birth plan (water birth) and none of the bloomin' hospitals around here will either! So we started looking into home birth again (had considered it before, simply to get a water birth, but were hoping to get into a nice hospital that would do water birth etc..).. and we met with a couple of MWs last week and have our first appointment on Tuesday!! Yay!!

They seem really friendly and supportive of my ideal birth plan - water/hypnobirth, as natural as possible! I'm so pleased to finally have some support! I was feeling pretty lost over here - UK you just go into your Drs, tell them you're pregnant and have everything basically set up from there - no need to do much at all! Over here it's seemed to be a continual struggle - finding a hospital that didn't say "Procedure states this, so you MUST do it" finding someone to do my care who was supportive of my birth plan and choices as a mum-to-be....bleugch! It's just been hard. I feel so relieved to finally have a good plan in place and am looking forward to talking with the MWs again and getting down to business in terms of discussing my birth plan and so on...

I'm a little bit nervous about birthing at home, but I know I'll feel so much better to be able to make my own choices and just get on with it! My body is made to do this!

Sorry, bit pointless, but I'm thrilled!

Can anyone give me some insight into what I might expect at this first appointment?


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