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March 8th, 2010, 07:47 AM
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ok so I don't really plan to "homeschool" per se. I am not against it in anyway though. Just not for me. I know me to well and I am not structured enough to teach my girls what they need to know. I would be the "eh we will do it tomorrow" mom. lol

BUT I would like to give my 4 year old Nichole a head start in a few things since she loves to do it. I have a bunch of work books for pre schoolers. We bought her a new big box of crayolas that are ONLY for work books, and my in laws also gave us Hooked on Phonics that they got for free. Its the BIG set.

What I need some help with is being organized to do these things. Like do you have a special place that you work on this type of stuff? a certain time of day? How long? Do I just follow her want for time? So if she doesn't want to then don't do it kinda thing. She has interest in learning to read but I am not sure she is quite ready to either. So I want to encourage her to learn but don't want to push her and get her frustrated and she turns away from it kinda thing.

So any tips on working with a 4 year old (just turned for in January) would be appreciated.

**also she knows and recognizes letters and is starting to get sounds but has a hard time with it as well. Like if I ask hre what sound an M makes, she can say mmmm, but if I ask her what words start with that letter, she will say ball! or whatever. But if I ask her like "ball or monkey" she will say its monkey.

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