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March 8th, 2010, 09:17 AM
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Ok, so I need to quit obsessing....I am driving my own self crazy while waiting to ovulate. Getting pregnant is literally the ONLY thing on my mind right now. I totally obsess over JM, reading every post that contains anything that might give me that extra little "hint" on how someone got their bfp. I spent the weekend looking online at cribs/strollers/decor, which in turn got me more excited & now more obsessed.
I will say that it's a relaxed obsession....I don't think that I'm stressing myself out as I'm a fairly stress free person, but it is starting to wear on my own nerves. I just wish I could get my mind off it for more than 5 minutes at a time.
So today is CD13 for me....I still have a long way to go in this cycle before I see any results. At least it's monday & I can go to work for the next 5 days so that will occupy some time & I'm sure there will be lots of BD'ing this week, so that will take up a few minutes a day....LOL!!
So to add to my obsession, anyone have any good websites with baby furniture/baby decor that I can look at??
Thanks for listening to my obsessive vent.....I know you probably all have been here before!!!

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