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March 8th, 2010, 12:29 PM
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Hi Kim,

I know exactly how you feel right now as I am being obsessive in TTC #2 and thinking about my LH and when to BD and when I am gonna test and my regiment coming up. When I was trying for DS, I looked everywhere for all kinds of baby things. I don't have a website in mind because I found a lot of my stuff through craigslist and secondhand stores. I did buy my car seat and other things new, but I shopped around for the best price at the time. I went to Target and Babies-r-us to register and get gifts.

At least you have work to get your mind free for 5 minutes! I am SAHM and have my DS to help. Today I took some time to make sugar cookies to try to relieve my mind a bit.

GL on this cycle and I hope you see a BFP soon!
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